MRU Cluster : A MR Urography Analysis System


How to create a new patient record or open an existed patient record?

How to load patient data?

How to select kidney and aorta?

How to segment the kidney?

How to segment the inner compartments?

How to analyze the parameters?

How to view the result?

How to check the patient information?

Click menu 'View' --- 'Patient Information'

How to view the patients database?

Click menu 'View' --- 'All patients'

How to delete the patient record?

Click menu 'View' --- 'All patients'. Select the patient record you want to delete. Click button 'Delete Patient'
(Notice: when delete the patient record, all the processed data will be deleted. When you want to check this patient, you should create a new patient record and perform the analysis again.)

What the meaning of color in the cluster and time intensity curves (TICs)?

Each cluster is displayed in different color. Their time intensity curve is displayed in the same color. In the visualization GUI, each region of interesting (ROI) is also displayed in a different color with its TIC with the same color.

What the meaning of color in the pathological view?

The pathological view will give a score for each tissue which represents the difference between the selected tissue and healthy tissue. The score is defined by the cosine equation between the target and reference TICs. Results close to 1 indicate a healthy region and are marked with a green color while red colored regions are potentially diseased areas